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2019 Annual Conference Voting Guide for nominees

Friends, Please take the time to review the "Voting Guides" now available on our website under the "2019 Annual Conference" tab.

The Evangelical Fellowship and WCA-VA are supporting a list of Clergy and Lay nominee's to be voted in as delegates to the 2020 General Conference. A number of these persons will be nominated from the floor on June 20th. They have been vetted according to three criteria which you'll find in the "Voting Guide" Please share this list as far and wide as you can among your UM friends who share a Traditional theology.

You'll also find a list of Clergy and Lay nominees who signed the "Virginia United Methodist For a NEW THING" who vowed to break covenant by disobeying the Traditional Plan voted in at the specially called General Conference 2019."

Make sure to check the list of supported Clergy and Laity nominees often as the list will be updated as the bio's come in.

Thank you,

Gayle Thornberry

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