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General Conference’s Special Session Feb 24-26 is soon upon us! Only six weeks to go before delegates from all UMC annual conferences will decide whither United Methodism. Clergy and local churches are finally focusing. They are holding meetings to discuss the main, three plans. In an effort to help our evangelical/traditionalist community consider the way forward that’s faithful and honoring to our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s Word, we are posting the following materials:

· Chart on the breakdown of the three plans: The One Church Plan, The Connectional Plan, and The Traditionalist Plan

· Consideration of the impact of the plans on clergy pensions from the viewpoint of the Board of Pensions, Wespath: found on the “2019 General Conference Info” page.

· Chart on Active/Retired Clergy

· Soon to follow, critique and ramifications of The One Church Plan and The Traditionalist Plan, and arguments of the One Church Plan answered. Check back…

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