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News From The Front!

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Tom Thomas Reports From The Front

Hello Friends,

Each day Tom Thomas will report on the day's events and I, Gayle Thornberry will upload what he has texted. It will be important that you check for a post each day to stay in touch with the latest information.

Tom reports the following:

There were approximately 400 in attendance at this mornings Good News and Reform and Renewal Breakfast. The room was packed and they had to set up extra tables and chairs. Tom and Bob Cooper shared breakfast with African delegates from Nigeria, a missionary couple (the husband was a pilot), and delegates from Kansas.

Bishop Jerry Kulah gave an unwavering and eloquent message at the breakfast. He said, "Africans will never ever trade Jesus for money! They know more than Americans how to live on little. Jesus has always led us through every trial and He will lead us through this trial."

Good News gave out 1200 flyers. The LGBTQ+ gave out chocolates and gloves. There were no unusual demonstrations except for a group of Southern Baptists' who had signs saying 'ONE MAN ONE WOMAN' and were preaching repentance and salvation.

Tomorrow morning is "ground zero" hour. Tomorrow morning's session begins at 7:30 a.m. The commission will give the Good News and Renewal and Reform group nine minutes to give our presentation, first thing. Then all petitions pertaining to the six plans, and the petitions that don't pertain to any particular plan will be voted on to determine if they are a high priority or a low priority. The results will be tabulated. Those getting high priority votes will be what General Conference's one legislative section will take up, to perfect.

Enjoy this "snippet" of a video of the closing song at this mornings Good News Breakfast.

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