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  1. To unite persons who support the purpose of the Evangelical Fellowship and who uphold its beliefs in fellowship for the purpose of continued discipleship, encouragement, accountability, and advocacy on behalf of that purpose and those beliefs.

  2. To be a positive force within the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church to promote Biblical Christianity, our Wesleyan heritage, evangelistic fervor, the development of mature disciples, and personal and social holiness...for the renewal and revitalization of the organized church.

  3. To encourage the preaching and teaching of the orthodox Christian faith openly and aggressively.

  4. To hold periodic meetings and retreats, including gathering at the annual meeting of the Virginia Conference for inspiration, challenge, fellowship, and praise.

  5. To facilitate ongoing communication among clergy and laity to encourage critical thinking about contemporary issues in light of Biblical Christianity and our Wesleyan heritage.

  6. To influence the actions of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church to remain rooted and grounded in Biblical Christianity and our Wesleyan heritage through the publication of our position on contemporary issues and through the election of clergy and lay delegates from the Virginia Conference who are committed to such principles.



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