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The Evangelical Fellowship seeks to connect like-minded United Methodists who desire an orthodox expression of our Wesleyan Heritage.



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2018 Evangelical Fellowship Websit created by Gayle Thornberry

Board of Directors Executive Committee 2018-2019

Rev. Dr. H.O. Tom Thomas Jr., President

Rev. Gayle Thornberry, Vice President-Publications

Ms. Karen Bossieux, Secretary

Rev. John Bright, Treasurer

Dr. Tom Hassler, At Large Lay

Rev. Jack Davis, At Large Clergy

Ms. Brenda Hudson, At Large Lay

Rev. Bruce Johnson, At Large Clergy

Ms. Mary Jones, At Large Lay

Rev. Norman Ramsey, At Large Clergy

Ms. Becky Livermon, At Large Lay

Rev. Greg West, At Large Clergy

Rev. Keith Boyette, Non-Voting EO (WCA President)